Agaves – 1st August Update

Agaves Environment

Toddler Community 2017 – 2018

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their ‘innocence’ and of the greater possibilities of their future Let us treat them with all the kindness which we would wish to help to develop in them.”
Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook (1965) p.133

Welcome to the Agaves Classroom! The Keystone Montessori Community and I welcome the new families and we are looking forward to a very successful school year. This is a community where not only the children but the parents learn and grow. We are a team and working together will lead us to have a great time. The toddler community is a wonderful journey full of joy, love, laughter, growth, freedom, independence and so on. Your child will have the opportunity to develop their skills and discover themselves by the experiences they will have around the prepared environment.

Drop Off & Pick Up

To respond to that strong inner call that your child has to independence, please have your child walk to the classroom and let your child carry his/her own lunch box. Short and sweet goodbyes are always the best. The same routine follows for Pick Up. Please knock on the door, wait outside and we will escort your child out. Parents are not allowed to come into the classroom unless invited by one of the teachers. Thank you!


You can email me at I regularly check my email at the end of the school day Monday – Friday. Please allow 24 hours for my reply. If it is an emergency, the best will be to call the school directly at (480) 460-7312.

Nap Time

Your chill will need a fitted crib sheet and a light blanket to use for nap. No pillows or stuffed animals are needed. Pacifiers are not allowed in our environment. Please make sure their belongings are labeled with their first and last name. This will be brought every Monday, it will remain in the classroom and will be sent home to be washed on Fridays.

Extra Clothes

As your child explores, learns and grows in the environment his/her clothes will get wet or dirty. So please make sure your child has two extra pair of clothes in the classroom (2 shirts, 2 bottoms, 2 socks, underwear as needed). Bring their clothes in a zip lock bag properly labeled. Please label their initials in each item you bring to school in case it gets misplaced. If your child has a very special and meaningful outfit or shoes, please do not send him/her to school wearing it. In our environment your child will get wet and dirty sometimes and we cannot stop them from experimenting because of a cute outfit. Thank you for your understanding!

Lunch Time

We encourage healthy eating habits and a well-balanced meal. Make sure that the food you pack for lunch is food that they like to eat, since we cannot force them to eat. We avoid processed or packaged foods (no cookies or candy). An ice pack is needed in your child lunch box since we do not storage lunch boxes or containers in our refrigerator. Please keep in mind that we want to promote independence; we suggest you to bring glass containers (snap ware/lock lid containers), they are heavier (so spills are not easily to happen) and easier to open for children by themselves. No squeezable fruit/veggie pouches, any applesauce or yogurt should be inside a container so your child can eat it using a spoon. Drinking water is available in the classroom (parents that have signed up to bring snack will be in charge of refilling water jugs). Children will also be preparing fresh juices or smoothies so please do not pack drinks. We also have plates, cups and silverware available in the classroom.


The children have an opportunity to eat snack twice a day, once in the morning and the next in the late afternoon. The children have an open snack concept and prepare it as needed. A snack list will be given to your family to contribute to the classroom at a designated time.

Sunscreen and Diaper Rash Ointment

Please fill out the authorization form at the front desk (with Ms Leslie) and provide the sunscreen/diaper rash ointment for approval. Make sure you have properly labeled the container with your child’s name and last name and please make sure that the expiration date is valid for one year.


Our Agaves environment is prepared to respond to each child individual needs. We work on language development in daily basis through songs, books, group language lessons, etc. Lessons will be presented throughout the school year to each child individually based on the child’s interest and readiness.

Thank you for your support!

Ms Lidia Carrillo & Ms Mia Soard