The AZ Eagles (adolescents) have set up shop today as a part of their micro economy. They are selling their homemade wares such as jewelry, greeting cards and candles. Adolescent guide, Ms. Carol, explains, “The shop follows Dr. Montessori’s philosophy of commerce and exchange for the adolescent. The purpose is to teach the adolescent: supply and demand; bookkeeping; life of activity and variety; and the study of economics and politics. Dr. Montessori felt that the adolescent would benefit with real world skills and creativity ‘…in preserving something of a past age when personality could be expressed in the construction of the simplest objects’. While a profit is made, the idea is to give them the experience. The money is not specifically ear-marked for any one thing, but rather, to reinvest in the business and perhaps, to subsidize expenses in the classroom for academic and real life application.”

Adolescent Shop