Hummingbirds – 1st August Update

Welcome Hummingbird Families to our 2017-2018 School year!!!

Guides: Ms. Wendy & Ms. Torie

We are very excited to see our returning families and get to know all our new ones as well!! I hope the summer was good for you and are ready for all the adventures this next school year will bring.

Our first Classroom meeting is Wednesday August 9th at 6pm in our Hummingbird environment. Please plan on attending. We will be going over all the ins and outs of our community. We will address any questions and it is a perfect time to meet all our families and the guides.  

Drop Off & Pick Up

As a courtesy to the children in the environment and safety, please knock on the door upon arrival, wait outside and we will greet your child in. Short and sweet goodbyes are always the best. The same routine follows for Pick Up. Please knock on the door wait outside and we will escort your child out.

We want the child to independently come into our environment and leave in the same peaceful manner. Too many adults coming in and out is a disruption to the children that are still working.

Nap Time

Your child will need to bring a fitted crib sheet and a light blanket to use during naptime. No pillows or stuffed animals needed. Please label their belongings with first and last name so it does not get misplaced. This will be brought every Monday; it will remain in the classroom till the end of the week. On Friday it will be sent home to be washed. This can be stored in a small plastic box like container, example picture is attached.

Lunch Time

We encourage healthy eating habits and a well-balanced meal. Feel free to include a main meal plus fresh vegetables and fresh fruit in your child’s lunch. It is a good idea to think of all Food Groups when preparing their lunches. Include your child in this process, giving them specific choices and letting them choose on their own. We avoid processed or packaged foods (no cookies, or candy). An ice pack is needed in your child’s lunch box. Please keep in mind we want to promote independence; your child should be able to easily open all containers used for lunch. No squeezable fruit/veggie pouches. Any applesauce or yogurt should be inside a Tupperware. Water is always available in the classroom and a variety of fresh juices will be prepared by the children, no need to pack a drink. All tableware is in the class as well. No need to pack spoons or forks.

“Before elaborating any system of education, we must create a favorable environment that will encourage the flowering of a child’s natural gifts. All that is needed is to remove the obstacles. And this should be the basis of, and point of departure for, all future education. “

Montessori, The Secret of Childhood, p. 136

*Example of a nap box