Hummingbirds – 1st September Update

Dear Hummingbird Families, 


The children will be preparing yogurt with fruit and granola. Snack preparation is a very popular work in our Toddler Community. The children learn different motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and they gain a sense of community. Not only are they preparing food for themselves they are preparing food for all of their peers.


Most of our children have found their rhythm and our busy working around our environment. Some of our younger ones continue to adapt and find their flow as they move about the environment. Exploration is a big part of their day.

Once I see something that has gotten their attention I present the lesson. For each first lesson I remain by their side to keep them focus and engaged. We always encourage the child to repeat their work after they are done. This will aid in their concentration and attention span. Each child will receive a lesson specific to their developmental need, and through observation we will know when they are ready for the next lesson, the next challenge, the next step into their life journey. The child learns thru observation as well as manipulation of the materials. Just as we learn from them thru observation they learn from each other.


“ The child incarnates in himself the environment which he finds around him, and constructs a man adapted to live in those surroundings.”

                                                Montessori, Maria. The Formation of Man, pg. 66


Care of Self

Since our first day of school we have introduced the children to our bathroom routine. We encourage them to undress and dress independently, sit on the toilet, wipe, flush and wash hands. Having them dress and undress independently is our KEY focus, this will help them be successful once we transition into underwear. We practice every day and work really hard in making them part of this process. Not only are we helping them towards their independence we are aiding them with their fine motor skills, the use of their hands and fingers to pull up their shorts, socks, and shoes.

It is important to continue the consistency at home. Please encourage and allow your child the time to dress themselves. Take is opportunity to go thru their closet and see what fits and what does not fit, do the same with shoes. If you as the adult have to make an effort to put their shoe on or pull up their pants then it is not successful for the child to do on their own.

Lunch Time

We have been very successful with our lunch containers; the children are making great effort to open their lunch box and Tupperware independently. We slightly show them how to pull on their lids or snaps and they finish the rest on their own. This is something you can practice afterschool once you are home. Encourage your child to carry their lunch box to the kitchen and empty it out: Open lunch box, take out containers, open containers and put inside sink. Having this as their everyday “work” will instill this as their responsibility.

Key Parents

Lisa Harris and Jaime Thurgood-Lopez will be this year Class Key Parents. They will be in touch with you about various happenings in our class community, such as Auction Event, Potlucks, and any environment Highlights.


Fall Fundraiser Auction Event

We will be announcing our Raffle Basket and Auction Project itmes soon. Stay tuned to hear in what way you can help out and contribute. Your support is greatly appreciated.



Thank you for your support!!

Ms. Wendy & Ms. Torie

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