Upper Elementary Classes Take Camping Trips

All three of Keystone’s Upper Elementary classrooms took a two-night, three-day camping trip to the Prescott area at different times in the month of September. Gila Monster’s student, Sofiya Volkova, wrote the following piece:

“Last month, for the beginning of the year camping trip, our class went to Prescott. We went on hikes, visited a museum, cooked great food, and we definitely enjoyed the nice weather. But before we even went on the trip, we still had to prepare our meals, pack our bags, and practice setting up tents. Our packing list included things like: a sleeping bag, clothes, a camera, rain gear, a water bottle, toiletries and more.

For each day of the trip, we had really great meals. To prepare them, we had to go on a few Going-Outs. Once we bought all of our ingredients, we pre-made most of the food in our classroom. The food we pre-made were burger patties and taco meat.

One thing that we also did to prepare, was practice setting up our tents. We got the tents from kids in our class who volunteered the bring them in. Once we got the tents, we practiced setting them up outside.

Soon after we prepared, we left for Prescott. Once we arrived, we went on a hike around Lynx Lake. It was really fun. After the hike, we walked to our campsite, set up our tents and unpacked our bags. Once we were all settled in, people started playing games and walking around the campsite.

During the trip, we also hiked a couple of miles around a really pretty lake. On the same day, we went to the Smoke Museum which displayed Native American tools, baskets, jewelry and more. During our visit there, we got to grind corn. I think that we all enjoyed it.

Our whole class had a great time on the trip and we were all sad to leave. I thought it was an amazing experience.”


Diamondbacks Class


Coyotes Class

Gila Monsters Class

Gila Monsters Class